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Future Plans

The Future of the Cat Ba Langur is in Our Hands

Reduce the Degree of Population Fragmentation - Relocation of Cat Ba Langurs and Creation of Migration Corridors 

The remaining population of the Cat Ba langur is severely fragmented into seven isolated sub-populations at five different locations on Cat Ba Island. Most of the langur groups are very small and no longer functional in terms of reproduction - only three groups are currently reproducing.

With this difficult situation, there are no reasons for hope that the langur population may increase on its own and without massive conservation measures. The only solution may be the relocation of some individuals and groups inside of Cat Ba Island, preferably into the strictly protected langur sanctuary, and the creation of safe migration corridors. These two complementary options will help to reduce the current dramatic degree of population fragmentation, to increase the reproductive output and thus the genetic variability in the Cat Ba langur. Further funds for this costly emergency measure will have to be secured.

Maintain the Current No-Hunting Status for the Cat Ba Langur

One of the main prerequisites for the recovery of the Cat Ba langur is to avoid further losses to poaching. There is still a risk that langurs may become the victim of poachers, due to a persistent demand for langur balm. Conservation specialists expect that despite conservation awareness programmes the demand for langurs may well increase along with the average income of local people and visitors. Stringent on-site protection will therefore have to remain a significant focus of the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project.

Two langurs
Two langurs in their rugged limestone habitat
(Photo: Stefan Kobold)

Poaching preparation 1

Poaching preparation 2
Poachers prepare a cave to catch langurs - enactment for a movie scene
(Photos: Bernhard Forster)

ZGAP - Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations

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